At Westmont we push our faith and expand our knowledge to enable us to use our talents more fully in the service of Christ.


Learning to lead a life of significance begins with a deep love of God and is tempered by rigorous training in every area of human knowledge.


In the foothills of Santa Barbara, where the ocean meets the mountains, we find our calling amongst a close-knit community.


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From this one-of-a-kind location, we pursue rigorous academics and a deep love of God to help us unlock our potential to broaden our impact and deepen our understanding.  

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Academic Spotlight: Political Science

Trailhead Teens Explore Their Faith, Futures

Westmont’s unique program Trailhead: Seeking God’s Call allows students to explore how faith can guide their future as they seek to make a difference in the world. Trailhead 2022 dates are:

  • June 12 - 17
  • June 19 - 24
  • June 26 - July 1

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Westmont in the World

Westmont’s global program prepares students to live in a diverse, complex and quickly changing society so they can take their place as citizens of the world. The breadth of the liberal arts, the opportunity to study or serve overseas and an emphasis on developing an international perspective help graduates make a seamless transition to a global marketplace.

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Center for Applied Technology

We invite high-achieving students to work on improving the college's technological systems as members of the CATLab team. This professional development program prepares students to succeed in the business sector as soon as they graduate from college.


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