Students Learn Faithful Service through Internships

“It’s really easy to get in the pattern of seeing things as a problem to solve,” John Corbett says. “Sometimes people just need a relationship. You may be the first conversation they’ve had all day. You may have seven things to do, but it’s really important to stay so they feel heard. Some don’t get to process.”

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Letter from the President

Across time and throughout history, God’s love has touched countless people. Often these encounters awaken a spiritual longing in us, and we begin to seek this love more fully as its presence grows in our lives. Forty years ago, this longing awakened in me. As I began my own spiritual journey, I received enormous help from brilliant professors, caring friends and a host of great works within the Christian intellectual tradition.

Cuba to California: Hope and Faith Carry Sisters Safely to College

Two first-year students from Cuba encountered setbacks and obstacles on their journey to Westmont as they sought to travel legally to the United States in the midst of political tension, an embargo and the pandemic. But as sisters Roxana and Rosario Montané left Havana, they witnessed God’s provision.

“It’s important to always have faith, believe that you can do whatever you want to do and know that God is with you and is going to help you,” Roxana says.

“A lot of times we felt we couldn’t go on,” Rosario says. “When we lost hope, we prayed and prayed, and sometimes we gained hope. That’s why we’re here. Have faith. You can do it if we can do it.”

Approaching Conflict as a Christian

Cade Petrie ’22 witnessed firsthand what it means to hold government accountable when he conducted research and served as the ghostwriter of an article for the Independence Institute. The report argued that the Colorado State Legislature was abusing its tax code to collect additional revenue. The Washington Examiner soon picked up the story.

Westmont has given Cade a new perspective on how to integrate his faith in the political arena. “I saw politics and political dealings as a battle,” he says. “But I’ve come to realize there’s more space for grace and negotiating and more Christian ways of approaching conflict... [and] society will be better served.”