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Welcome to Forward in Faithfulness: The Campaign for WestmontOur college founder, Mrs. Ruth Kerr, believed each generation must find a way to be the salt and light its era needs. Today, Westmont brings to bear the transformative impact of Christian liberal arts education to innovative new ventures that allow Westmont to widen its global and social impact. I'm pleased to share our strategic campaign goals, a progress report, and an invitation to you to become part of Westmont's wider impact in the world.

The campaign's key priorities:

  1. Enhancing affordability and accessibility of a Westmont education

  2. Providing new academic offerings grounded in the liberal arts

  3. Positioning Warriors for continued success in NCAA

  4. Contributing to society through Christian Leadership 

  5. Connecting Westmont to the world through global programs 

Westmont enjoys extraordinary momentum in each of these areas. When God presents new opportunities, we're compelled to move forward in bold faith. As we do so, please consider how you might join with us and many generous friends in exciting ventures that blend innovation with faithfulness to Westmont's mission. You're welcome to make a gift to support the mission of the college at any time, but we'd also be honored simply to begin a conversation with you to explore the opportunities presented below or to learn about areas of the college that are most compelling to you.

We look forward to talking with you.

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Gayle D. Beebe
Westmont President

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Help Build Westmont's Future 

On the heels of two consecutive record-breaking fundraising years, Westmont College launched its largest fundraising campaign ever. History-making gifts propelled Westmont into the public phase of Forward in Faithfulness well toward its goal. 

Through generous gifts from alumni, parents, foundations and friends of the college, including the two largest gifts in the history of the college, the campaign has raised more than $200 million of the $250 million goal. 

President Beebe speaking at 85th Gala about the Forward in Faithfulness campaign.

The campaign was announced at Westmont’s 85th Anniversary Gala in October 2022. 

The Westmont College Choir

You're invited to join the exciting launch of the campaign and help Westmont move Forward in Faithfulness.

Campaign Progress

1. Improve Access & Affordability

Scholarships remove obstacles for students pursuing God's purpose for their lives. Help open doors for students of all backgrounds and assist students who need support to remain at Westmont. Annual and Endowed scholarships provide a life-changing education now and for the future. Gifts of every amount make a difference. 

Every scholarship gift also contributes to reaching Forward in Faithfulness goal.

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Financial Aid Graphic

2. Strengthen Innovative New Programs


Westmont's Downtown Grotenhuis Nursing offers the region’s only accelerated post-baccalaureate nursing program and will help address the critical shortage of skilled nurses. The program leverages the Westmont Downtown location. A strategic partnership with Cottage Health provides state-of-the-art clinical training and will help place graduates in well-paid, meaningful positions.

Like the parable of the Good Samaritan, nursing is a calling to compassion.

I'd like to support nursing at Westmont. 


Westmont engineering combines a solid foundation in the liberal arts, outstanding technical competence, and thorough training in applied learning guided by the cutting-edge process Design Innovation. Graduates will excel and adapt in a field of increasing complexity. Westmont’s curriculum integrates design experiences into all four years of its engineering program to ensure students cultivate excellence in design. 

At its core, engineering is about creating things to help people.

I'd like to support world-class engineering at Westmont. 

3. Elevate Athletics

As Westmont joins the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), we realign with peers with a similar culture, academic rigor and athletic prowess and renew exciting traditional rivalries. Most importantly, more best-fit student-athletes will become aware of the college and drawn to play for an institution that fits their education goals. The move requires strategic investments in scholarships, facilities and leadership to position Warriors for success. The college would be pleased to share with you about these opportunities:

Scholarships - Top NCAA student-athletes receive full scholarships or significant awards based on athletic merit. Preparing Warrior teams to succeed will require increased resources so coaches can select the best possible student-athletes who align with Westmont’s mission. 

Facilities - Westmont’s athletic fields and facilities provide the foundation for a premier NCAA program. Improvements include: team room/locker facilities, intramural and practice field, and a tennis complex.

I'd like to position Warriors for NCAA success. 

Westmont Warriors usher in a new era of athletic excellence in the NCAA.

4. Develop Christian Leadership

Westmont's liberal arts education prepares Christian leaders to serve in every sector of society. Students develop an understanding of the individual's life, moral responsibilities, relationship to God and ultimate quest for meaning and purpose. Society needs more men and women well equipped to navigate the timeless questions of humanity and the emerging challenges of our time.

Thanks to the innovative potential made possible by the Westmont Downtown facilities, Westmont's new post-baccalaureate Certificate in Theological Leadership serves society by inculcating wisdom in Christian leaders to enable them to serve more effectively in church and society. The two year program includes in-person elements being taught in Westmont’s new Downtown building. 

Tell me more about this program and how to help.

Westmont educates Christian leaders to discern: what happens to us; what happens in us; what happens because of us.

5. Support Global Programs

In a world in need of leaders with cross-cultural understanding, technical skills and moral discernment, Westmont's seeks to deepen an already robust commitment to exceptional global programs, which include crucial preparatory and reentry experiences. Thanks to the high rate of student involvement in global education each year, Westmont graduates carry into every sector of society a depth of insight and intimate experience with diverse contexts. 

Global programs have included: Cairo, Mexico, Latin America, Uganda, South Africa, Singapore and Western Europe.

Expand students' capacity for life-long learning and global leadership. 

Tell me more about this program and how to help.

Begin a Conversation

A Westmont advancement team member would be delighted to discuss the programs and opportunities highlighted in the Forward in Faithfulness: The Campaign for Westmont, and to hear about other ways you may be passionate about supporting Westmont's mission. Please share your contact information if you would like to have a conversation.

We look forward to speaking with you about the ways God is working at and through Westmont in the world.

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