Matt Pace

Assistant Director of Admissions, New Student Success, and Transition Care
(805) 565-7230

Office Location

Office of Admissions, Kerrwood Hall


Eating Cereal


Cell: (714)351-2664

Hometown: Brea, CA

College Attended: Westmont College, ‘16

Degree: B.A. in Communication Studies

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Favorite Place on Campus:The Prayer Chapel. It’s a sacred space for meaningful encounters with God, offering blissful stillness as well as the Holy Spirit’s loud presence. The chapel is the perfect place for peaceful reflection, productive prayer, and focused worship. For me, it has acted as a house of refuge amidst difficulties and as a fortress of praise to actively consider and celebrate God’s blessings.

Favorite Aspect of Westmont: The sense of belonging. Even before I set foot on Westmont’s campus as a first-year student, I felt like a valued member of a richly diverse and inclusive community. Visiting the school, participating in preview days, and even corresponding with incoming students through Facebook made it quite clear that every individual within the Westmont family was a part of something big and meaningful. As I actually experienced the institution’s culture as a student, this sense of belonging only increased. Westmont is a place where like-mindedness and binding similarities enhance unity, while distinct differences and variant perspectives are acknowledged and celebrated. It’s a place where one is challenged to recognize God’s image in others, and where an other-centered disposition is cultivated and encouraged. These relational motifs are evident in warm smiles from others walking around campus, professors who invite students over for dessert, and friends who encourage one another, pray together, and stay up late with each other to study for an exam or chat about life. At Westmont, you become a member of a unified and versatile whole; a valued and cherished individual within a family that thrives off of interdependency.

Favorite Westmont memory: My semester abroad was an experience I’ll never forget. Through the Westmont in Northern Europe program, I was able to immerse myself in new and exciting cultures, travel alongside and learn from Westmont professors who cared deeply, and cultivate a more global perspective. I studied the German language while living in Berlin, biked 30 miles through Belgian landscapest, rekked 23 km to a peak in Norway and sang with locals inside warm, cozy cottages in a small town in Northern Ireland. 

I also had some amazing and memorable experiences on campus. The first that comes to mind is playing dodgeball with my first-year section in the underground racketball courts. What a fun time!

Why do you work at Westmont? Westmont always worked to benefit me. As a student at Westmont, I couldn’t believe how cared for I was as an individual. My Freshman year RA greeted me with the friendliest smile as I stumbled onto campus as an awkward 18 year old. My professors learned my name immediately and constantly opened up their offices and even homes to support me. Every member of the Westmont community—from the workers in the Dining Commons, to the Resident Directors, to the vibrant student body—treated me with the utmost respect and kindness. I want to give back to the institution that has poured so much into me, and my hope is that I can help others feel just as valued as I have always felt.

Hobbies: Probably my biggest hobby is eating cookies. Also, I love having picnics and eating a fresh loaf of French bread with others while enjoying the perfect Santa Barbara breeze. I enjoy going on road trips where not much is planned. Staying in tents outdoors always makes me a happy camper. I like exploring new places. I take lots of pictures but usually they’re not that great. Riding downhill on a bike really fast is one of the most fun things I can think of. I like basketball. Quality time with family is fun—watching movies, having a BBQ, piling in the mini-van for long trips. I enjoy coming home from work to friends who always make me laugh. I like to go to the beach during sunset to call my grandma and catch up about life. I like to play tennis and ping-pong. I like mixing cereals and discovering what makes a really good combo (so far Golden Grahams and Coco Puffs is the winner). I like big fields and climbing trees.