Admissions Returning Student Application Form

We're pleased you're interested in applying for readmission. As a student who was previously a member of this community, you realize and appreciate the distinctives that continue to place Westmont among the best liberal arts colleges in the country.

Admission Policies

The College selects those students with a desire to return to our campus, who while at Westmont demonstrated steady academic achievement, diverse interests, and a desire to support the values of the College.

Among those elements significant to the consideration of your application are your standing in academics, student life and student accounts. Should there be a question regarding any of these criteria, we suggest contacting the Records Office, the Office of Student Life or Student Accounts, respectively.

If you left Westmont due to a suspension, you must contact the Records Office immediately for information relating to the reinstatement process. The Admissions Office will also be communicating with these offices on your behalf.

Application Process

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Request an official transcript from each school you've attended since leaving Westmont, regardless of whether credit was completed, and have these sent to the Westmont Admissions Office.
  3. If any college coursework is in progress at this time, be sure to submit an additional final transcript once that coursework has been completed.

Reapplication Form