Footsteps of Paul in Turkey Greece, and Rome Mayterm

Deepen your understanding of the New Testament texts. Travel "alongside" the Apostle Paul and his companions in modern-day Turkey, Greece, and Rome. This program ran in 2023.

India Mayterm

Journey into bustling Kolkata, famous for its Kali Temple, where you will serve at Mother Teresa’s Homes. Ride a boat in the Ganges River, the most sacred place for Hindus. Live in rural India, where you will serve children and begin learning a village language, surrounded by challenging economic conditions, yet immense hope. Be prepared for an unforgettable, life-transforming time! This program ran in 2023.

Peace and Conflict in Northern Ireland Mayterm

Broaden and deepen your understanding of how we create, perpetuate, remember, and reconcile conflict – and meet community leaders working toward peace and reconciliation via dialogue and deliberation. Explore Northern Ireland  and the Republic of Ireland to see how dialogue is transforming neighborhoods. This program ran in 2023.

Kinesiology in the UK Mayterm 2024

Kinesiology in the UK will run in Mayterm 2024. Stay tuned for more updates!

Westmont in San Francisco Summer Session

Live in a community house in the beautiful neighborhood of Pacific Heights as you gain valuable skills in an internship for organizations serving populations such as the homeless and refugees or for financial and technology companies. 

Westmont in Israel Mayterm 2024

Based in Jerusalem University College, experience the holy land with trips to the Negeb, Shephelah, and Galilee in a way that will forever transform your understanding of characters in the pages of the Bible into real people who lived in real places and struggled with the very real issues of life and faith.