Art Major Majors & Degrees

Visual artists and art historians: find your authentic creative voice!

Welcome to the Art Major at Westmont College. Whether you’re interested in studio art or graphic arts, our program will challenge you to create original works of art, engage in art history and contemporary art, and develop the critical thinking and aesthetic skills that will help you become a visual communicator.

Area of Concentration

Studio Art

Our Studio Art program fosters creative expression through hands-on projects, providing a solid foundation in various mediums for success in the art world.

Area of Concentration

Art History

In our Art History program, students delve into the rich tapestry of artistic heritage. Exploring diverse cultures and time periods, they analyze and interpret art, gaining a deep understanding of its historical and cultural significance. The program equips students with critical thinking skills, preparing them for engaging careers in art research, curation, and education.

Area of Concentration

Graphic Arts

Our Graphic Arts program integrates artistic creativity and technical skills for careers in graphic design and illustration. Through hands-on projects, students gain a strong foundation in design principles and digital tools, fostering creativity for success in the dynamic field of graphic arts.

Art Student Opportunities

In addition to your coursework, the art major takes full advantage of access to the creative community of Santa Barbara and Greater Los Angeles. We take regular field trips to Los Angeles art institutions and have strong local connections to galleries and multiple museum spaces.

A Space of Her Own Art Majors

While you are a student we offer a number of exhibition/presentation opportunities including your capstone senior exhibition in the Ridley-Tree Museum, solo shows in our ARTLAB gallery spaces, a group Sophomore Project exhibition, and student-led creative publications like the Phoenix, Yearbook, and Horizon Magazine.

Additionally we encourage students to start early in their professional journey through internships, study abroad, and participating as a vendor in the annual student art Holiday sale or curating an exhibition in the Artlab Galleries.

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