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2023-2024 Emmaus Road Core Team
ER Director Joy Sturges
ER Programming Coordinator Karla Munoz
ER Business Manager Ben Buskirk
ER Travel Manager Audrey Whittle
ER Publicity Coordinator Rebekah Steele


Office Hours

Email us to set up an appointment. We look forward to meeting with you. 

ER office is located on the 2nd floor of the Kerr Student Center (KSC)


Student Leadership Team
Phone: 805-565-6806 (office)
Email: emmaus_road@westmont.edu

Staff Director:
Kelley Funk
Assistant Director of Campus Life for Ministry and Outreach
Email: kfunk@westmont.edu

Descriptions of Experiences

Summer 2024

Summer experiences are one month long programs that provide students to be immersed in the local culture of a global community, where they primarily live with host families or amidst the local community, learn from local practices of ministry, and experience a taste of the Global Church alongside those we partner with. 

Applications are open through December 1st. Please email emmaus_road@westmont.edu with any questions. 

Partner with Westmont anthropology professor, Tito Paredes, to learn about Peruvian culture through conversations and visits to cultural sites, including Machu Picchu. The team will experience both metropolitan and rural parts of Peru, engaging with local churches in social projects. Assist World Vision in Peru in a variety of capacities, often including education. The team stays at a seminary for those in South America studying cross-cultural mission. You will develop relationships with students at the seminary, hosts who live at the seminary, and the Paredes family. Spanish speaking ability is highly encouraged. 

DATES: May 13–June 4, 2024

Cultural Context: A bustling South American capital city; live at a seminary and learn about Peruvian culture through discussion and site visits
Faith Development: Experience Protestant and Catholic Christianity; seminary classes
Ministry: Community Development; supporting para-church organizations

Using a business as mission model, Sea Tribes will introduce our team to a village setting for 3 home stays lasting several nights with the intent of beginning to plant kingdom seeds in that location - via cultural exchange. We will partner with Sea Tribes to not only plant new seeds, but also to help nurture those that have already been sown. You and your team will live with a local family - eat together, go fishing together, cook together, play sports with the people of the village, etc. Your team will aid Sea Tribes in creating inroads for not only learning about the host culture and people, but also to share the Christian faith legally via a business model in a Restricted Access Nation. Your team will have a great near immersion experience while being exposed to a non-Arab Muslim contextual ministry as well as a Business as Mission strategy for reaching Unreached People Groups.

Dates: May 13–June 4, 2024

Cross-Cultural Context: Island villages and homestays with Muslim families
Faith Development: Sharing faith with Muslims; worshipping with SE Asian Christians
Ministry: Relational - Homestays with Muslim families; work projects on each island

In Lugazi, you and your team will have the opportunity to encounter the Holy Spirit in a new way as you live with local Pastor Hudson Suubi and his family. You’ll experience life in a slow-paced, East African town where Pastor Hudson leads his church - God’s House of Miracles, Faith Children’s Home, as well as a local primary school. Engage in evangelism and ministry through preaching at the church, outreach at local schools, and working with kids & youth. 

DATES: June 3–24, 2024

Cross-Cultural Context: A pre-industrial, multi-religious, slow-paced, East African town; live with Pastor Hudson and his family
Faith Development: Experience a charismatic form of East African Christianity
Ministry: Children - play with kids at Faith Children’s Home and help teach in classrooms; Preaching - serve Pastor Hudson’s church by preaching and teaching on Sundays and throughout the week
ER Slovakia

Come to Slovakia! This is a chance to take a step of faith in a fun environment for Christ – A unique opportunity to partner with CRU and many university students from different parts of the globe. You will be tutoring in a language camp, helping Slovak students develop their conversational English skills just by speaking with them. It's in these conversations that you'll have the opportunity to present the good news of Christ's love, and to watch God use you in another person's life. If you love Jesus, if you love students, if you love to have fun in a unique culture, this experience is for you! 

DATES: June 28–July 18, 2024

Cross-Cultural Context: Strong family orientation; Loyal; Member of the E.U.; spend time with Regina, CRU staff in Košice and leader of the SpeakOut camp 
Faith Development: Highly relational Gospel-sharing experience, Growing deep in your Faith and Knowledge of the Word alongside Slovak students
Ministry: Youth -- Engage with students and teach conversational English; Games, Worship, Real-Talk; Challenging and Rewarding 

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